Friday, October 5, 2012

October 5, 2012 - update from Caroline

So things are looking up.  Several of the roadblocks slowing our exit from Africa have been removed.  Although we still don’t have payment for the actual moving company in place yet…yikes.   But for the most part we have just been amazed at the blessings that have come to fruition in the last little while.
Seth's company (with some ) extended out medical coverage for six months.  We are stoked!  The only downer is this coverage is good anywhere but the USA and Canada.  So, with our extended coverage and a phone conversation with Seth’s neurologist, it became an easy choice to send Seth down to South Africa.  He will leave on Monday and has an MRI and follow up appointment with the doctor scheduled for Tuesday.  If he needs surgery, he will stay in South Africa and have it done.  If the doctor suggest he just needs to wait out the numbness and it will likely go away on its own, he will fly to the US directly from South Africa.  I will stay here with the kids and my mom.  The movers are scheduled for Thursday next week.  The moving should take three days and then we will fly on the following Wednesday the 17th.  I can hardly wait.

In the meantime, Cali just had an ear infection and is moving onto stomach flu.  I discovered what looks like ringworm on Thomas leg this afternoon.  Things like that make my soul scream, “get me off this continent”.  And some really excellent news is the miraculous regeneration of my heel.  It looks amazing!  I cannot believe it.  I have been putting weight on it. It feels weird and there are areas that are numb but I am confident it will be pretty close to normal in the next few months. --Caroline


  1. Oh Caroline! I'm so glad to hear things are for the most part looking up. Your heal DOES look amazing!! Hope Cali and Thomas get better soon. Hang in there! You are amazing. You will be home soon.

  2. Great news about your heel, Caroline! You've got more running ahead of you (like that big hill to Garbanzo!) Our prayers and still with you.

  3. Caroline....your heel looks so great! What wonderful progress. Counting the days till you guys are back stateside!

  4. what. holy crap that looks awesome - i'll marry that surgeon.

  5. Yay Caroline! So glad to hear things are looking up. Can wait for you to get back to the states!

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