Thursday, October 11, 2012

October 11, 2012 - update from Seth

Update from Seth:

I flew to South Africa on Monday; had new MRI's and other tests done Tuesday and I also managed to meet with my neurosurgeon that had very good things to say. He basically told me that everything looks fine and there is no foreseeable need for surgery regarding my current injuries [ever]. The numbness and tingling in my hands continues, but he assured me that it will resolve itself, but may take up to 18 months. He told me to stay healthy, keep up with exercising and have a good life. This was a huge blessing and relief for many reasons; I felt absolutely awesome and proceeded to celebrate with a huge plate of 'paneer palak' and naan.

Our house is being packed and getting ready to ship as we speak. The guys should finish up Saturday and we all managed to get tickets home on Monday. Therefore, by Tuesday afternoon, we will all be in San Francisco! I remember on the flight home from my mission, there were two things that I realized I desperately missed from the USA: Bagels, and American girls. This time around I brought a girl, but I still miss bagels.

We still need to work out our arrangements for Monday, but will likely spend out last two nights a nice little lodge outside of town near some friends of ours.

See you soon. --Seth

 Pre-accident picture taken while working in Zambia


  1. Wonderful news all around! It will be so good to have you guys back in the states. We miss your precious family!!

  2. October 16th, USA!!!! Get over here, people!

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