Wednesday, September 26, 2012

September 26, 2012 - update from Caroline

The power kept flickering tonight.  Light and then dark and then light and then dark.  That is how our life has been the past few weeks.  We will have a moment of clarity and convenience followed by some really awful complication.  So we are coming to you, once again, for your spiritual help on a couple of these complications.

First, some of you already know that a couple of weeks ago Seth was riding a stationary bike and upon dismount noticed numbness and tingling in his hands, mostly finger tips and occasionally palms.  The tingling has not gone away.  He has had a follow up x-ray by request of his neurosurgeon but has been unable to contact him directly in regards to what his opinions are on the matter, with the exception of one really cryptic email via his secretary telling him to "take it easy." As if he has been doing anything but that!  Our understanding is that there are really only two paths this could take us.  One, it is just a growing pain caused by the spinal realignment that is happening as he begins to mobilize his neck and might eventually go away.  Two, the disk in C-5 that is causing the numbness will need to be surgically removed so that it doesn't cause permanent nerve damage.  This is the dark cloud that looms over us as we plan to return home in a month to no job and therefore no health insurance: enter massive knot in my stomach.

Second, our exit out of Zambia has become a bit more complicated for a few reasons.  If the snags holding us in place can be removed.  Then we will be packed out by October 15th and I will fly with my mom and the kids on October 17th.  Seth will hopefully get a ticket for around that same time.

Third,  while it feels like we will never be able to leave Zambia and our power to do so seems to slip through our fingers, our tentative plans for what to do when we get home are taking a more solid form. We will fly to California to recover for a few weeks at my Mom's house.  Then after my brother's wedding in November we will head to Corvallis.  Seth is interested in applying to Graduate School for the fall. 

Seth and I had sweet blessings today at the Mission home.  We know things will ultimately work out but if feels like we just can't catch our breath sometimes. 

Here's to hoping that our next update will be more of an upper! --Caroline


  1. Thanks for updating us Caroline and will send prayers your way that the path will be more clear and that peace will replace the "knot". Love Sara's quote she shared "life can only be understood backwards, but must be lived forward" (or close to that). And may the Doctor CALL BACK!

  2. Hang in thereCaroline! I hope you are able to get some answers about Seth soon!

  3. Dear Caroline and Seth,
    I was shocked to hear the news of your accident tonight! Yuma County YFR had their annual BBQ and Dominique Parry filled me in. I have spent the last hour reading your posts and have signed up for your email updates. First off I am terribly sorry for your ordeal. It sounds like your road to recovery has been tough yet amazing. I will keep all of you in my prayers!
    Second, I must say you have a beautiful family. I did not get to meet Cali before you left and she is adorable. Tommy is cute as ever.
    Good luck on the road ahead. I wish you the very best!
    Amanda Brooks

  4. Dear Seth and Caroline-
    Heard about your accident via facebook and have been following the process of your recovery here. You have both been asked to handle a great deal, and I'm impressed with your courage in doing so. Three years ago my husband was in an accident while riding his motorcycle. He broke his hip/pelvis, which required surgery and significant recovery time. It was undeniably a difficult period, and there are still some physical effects. In retrospect, we have been able to identify blessings that have resulted. One thing we've come to appreciate is how the experience brought us closer together. Our situation was not as traumatic as yours, but I hope you have moments of clarity in your recovery and can maintain hope. Wishing you the best,
    Amber Spackman Jones


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