Wednesday, July 25, 2012

July 25, 2012

Today was the best day yet!!!! Each day has been filled with ups and was all ups!

  • A small but significant miracle. Seth was able to sleep last night straight till 4 am. Then got himself up to the bathroom, a little check of the hallway, and back to bed. Was in the best shape I've seen for the morning. 
  • Read some emails from friends and family to him and joked around. Had a nice breakfast that I cut up, but he fed himself entirely. 
  • Took a walk around the loop with Seth in high spirits. After laying down by himself, Wiggins and I discussed finding some make-up and a plastic tiara that we could dress Seth up in and take pictures of him. Seth's nickname is T-Rex; as his arms really only work well from the elbow down. Therefore imagine a T-Rex with his little arms failing out about 8 inches in front of him. Made Seth laugh which in turn nearly makes him cry due to the neck pain. Don't worry...we've determined it's good for him. 
  • Had a great meeting with the patient liaison about long term stay for those coming to visit. She was great and expressed every desire to have the hospital help our family wherever possible. We feel like we've got a great advocate here. 
  • Caroline came and was able to spend some time with Seth prior to her own doctors appointment.
  • Katie's surgery is at 1pm today. 
  • Had a great breakfast myself (in case you're interested) 
  • Caroline's doctor's appointment went really well. Her heal is looking a bit better with no chance of losing the heal pad, but still worried about infection. Her chest x-ray came out negative so we're thinking her pain is attributed to torn muscle. 
  • Seth got taken off his IV. 
  • Claire came in to do some PT. 
  • Stood up and ate 8 fries with two arms (one hand supporting his other arm)....he wanted you all to know this. 
  • Spent a couple of hours going through get well/update emails from people. He/we have loved reading them along with the updates. Then read some scriptures. 
  • Had a lot of fun laughing between stories. Please remember that because we have such limited access to email, we can't respond to everyone who emails back, but remember that they are all read and appreciated! 
  • Katie went back in for surgery to put a plate in her left wrist. She came out with a successful surgery, but in a lot of pain. The poor girl has really been through it and is so tough! Seth, myself and Caroline (when she's able to be here) split our time with Katie to keep her company. 
  • Seth is amazing with his gratefulness to those that help. This evening a nurse had to rub some medicated cream on his chest a shoulders. This area is terrible sensitive and painful to him. I watched as he grimace with his eyes closed and lips pursed...yet somehow amidst the pain, he squeaked out a thank you. 
  • On that note, because Seth can't move his arms he can't scratch anywhere, he has two tools he uses. The first is a metal hanger that is pulled apart...this is most effective however it scares his PT to death, so she brought in a spaghetti spoon that works pretty well, although not the tool of choice. 
  • Our wonderful and saintly friends, the Coleman's, once again brought a homemade dinner to us in hospital. It was so delicious and so needed! 
  • Spent after dinner hours reading letters and comments from people around the world to Seth and family. 
  • Evening till around 11 was spent talking with each other along with numerous patients/friends from all over the world who are on the same floor. All in all, a great day! 

  • With permission I share a few pictures from the last couple of days.  Seth and Caroline would like to request that these picture NOT be cut and pasted on to other online sites. 
     Seth and Super Hero Tommy sportin' his new hair du.
     Seth, Caroline, Cali, Matt (Seth's brother), Seth Wiggins (dear friend), Katie (Caroline's sister), and Tommy  -- each are enduring their own physical struggles but sticking like glue to each other.
     Some of the pictures you are seeing shows Seth smiling and even a few dance moves. He is making HUGE improvements but still important to remember that the boy went through incredible trauma and has serious pain and suffering from it. Seeing him get out of bed  and how long it takes would make you cringe as you see the pain is is struggling with. That being said, at least he is getting out if bed!


  1. This is Brooke, another of Caroline's old roommates. Thanks for posting pictures, it is nice to see the smiles although I am sure they cover up some significant pain/fatigue. I want you guys to know that the Drollingers are praying for you guys as well. We are SO thankful that you all are together and pray for everyone's continued recovery. We love you!

  2. i'm assuming the spaghetti making apparatus in photo #2 is for scratching those "hard to reach" places. ie, seths nards. i'm noticing huuge improvements in dexterity seth... keep up the good work..


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