Thursday, July 26, 2012

July 26, 2012

The following is the last update from my brother, Matt's visit:

  • He had an ok night, night great, but there been worse. He got up twice during the night on his own.
  • Claire came in around 6:45am to work Seth over for about 45 min.
  • Dr. Van Heerden came in and discussed his MRI tomorrow and the possibilities of him eventually leaving hospital for long-term phisio care.
  • Read scriptures to him and he had his breakfast.
  • Had a visit from Roger Graham, a business associate of Seth's.
  • Although Seth is making progress, his upper chest and shoulders are extremely painful. That and due to broken scapula(s) his arms and shoulders are usually causing him the most pain and we often need to work them in and out to help alleviate some of the pain. Working them involves moving them very very slowing and over a small area. It takes sometimes 2-3 minutes to move his elbow out 5-6 inches. This helps the muscle spams greatly.
  • Seth got a crazy hair idea and walked down the hall into the other ward to visit Katie. First visit to Katie's room and longest walk so far.
  • Spent some time telling stories and reading letters from friends and family.
  • Caroline came to visit for awhile.
  • Went down to the cafeteria to get  chips and Lemonade/Mint Slo-Jo's (slushy and all our addiction), then lunch came.
  • We had been talking about Seth going outside for the first time to feel the sun and get fresh air. Wiggins decided now was the time. We wheeled him downstairs to the door and outside he went. Felt wonderful!!!! He made it back upstairs on his own, but was ready for pain killers and a nap.
  • Seth will be getting a Blackberry tonight. Although he may not be able to respond to you for awhile, he'll be able to get them directly. Please send your comments and emails directly to
  • Lorraine came in for his afternoon shower.
  • After shower we said some sad but cheerful goodbyes for a great week.
  • Seth Wiggins dropped me off at train station for the trip back.
    As I think back on the past 12 days since the accident, I can see how though it has and is the trial of a lifetime and they are no way out of the woods, it is very easy to see how the Lord has opened up the way with each decision only if it's simply the next decision. He has not only inspired the decisions needed on the ground, but has sent angels in the form of other people to offer up unconditional help, support, places to stay, meals, blessings, emails, calls, and hugs' not to mention the perfect caring friendship in the form of Seth Wiggins. 
    Looking forward it seems as though the pathway is cloudy....but, not as cloudy as before. Caroline has been blessed with uncanny strength and wisdom to deal  amidst her own injuries as well as Seth being blessed with the ability, beyond our comprehension to deal with unimaginable pain. I have seen with my own eyes miracle after miracle and felt myself being guided and strengthened as we've all attacked problems and sat by his bedside.
    I don't think I've had the experience in my adult life in which I was completely cut off from outside responsibilities and routines such as work, my dear family, and church. Time has had a different meaning here and has seemed to fly. I will never forget and would never trade the opportunity and privilege it has been to care and to attend to Seth's every need. It is and has been a sacred and blessed experience and know that he will continue to be taken care of by r best as Wiggins takes over for a bit and then when my parents arrive. They are no way out of the woods but it is clear that a loving Heavenly Father is aware and guiding the way.



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