Tuesday, July 24, 2012

July 24, 2012

  • The following posts are taken from journal entries from our family member that is in Johannaburg:

    Seth had a very rough night. New roommate watched TV and drank coffee till 3am then snored like a Lion. I could hardly hear myself talk when I came in around 7. We've asked for a new room...we'll see.
  • Shoulders were hurting terribly. I did some PT with his arms/shoulders for awhile that helped. He was able to hold his left arm straight up in the air by himself and had me scratch his left shoulder lightly and a bit on his left without yelping in pain. Progress...
  • Fed him breakfast.
  • He got up on his own and then Claire came in and did PT with him.
  • Biggest day yet for walking. He was able to walk around the ward loop (50yd. Or so) and at one point even did a little dance move. Said he felt strong.
  • His body is breaking down a bit. Figures he's lost around 10 lbs. shorts that used to fit fine now need to be held up. A few sores from lying in bed so much. To be expected...
  • Caroline and Seth came for a visit. Katie is doing great. She'll return to the states probably tomorrow once released.
  • Although I don't understand all that is said, I'm really enjoying the South African people. They are all so happy and nice and I love their accents.
  • Spent the morning till lunch telling stories about our youth and comparing stories. Laughing a lot.
  • Although he has been trying to eat on his own, he gets so tired out from PT he try's to conserve energy for the next session. Fed him lunch and then I went down the street and got us some fries and onion rings to share.
  • We talked about RDC stories till around 3 when the nurse came in to give him a shower. I was able to give him a much needed shave and brush his teeth which made him look and feel great!
  • A bit of a blow late afternoon. Katie, who assumed she was going home tomorrow, found out that her left wrist is a bit busted up and she requires surgery tomorrow morning to put in a plate in her wrist. She was pretty bummed about it. We're hoping that it will go fine and she can get on my same flight back to the US on Thursday night so she'll be accompanied.
  • Cut up his dinner and he was able to eat it himself sitting up. 
  • Had a good Night PT session that was interrupted by a bad reaction to some pain medication given earlier. Gave him a debilitating headache that lasted about 4 hours.
  • Unfortunately, Seth went from no roommates to 2. Makes it really tight and one of them snores so loud it annoys the nurses in the hall. Very unfortunate.
  • The Bishop came by tonight to visit. We used the opportunity to give blessings to Seth and Katie. On a personal note, never have I had the opportunity to use my priesthood to administer so often in such a limited amount of time. I have felt so humbled to do so and seen miracle after miracle of healing and comfort.
  • Seth's headache got super bad tonight and he struggled so hard against it. He finally fell asleep till about 9pm then woke up disoriented and it lots of pain in his shoulders and back. I was able over a couple hours to work with his arms, get him ready for bed and fend off a couple of nurses trying to give him meds that made him sick. Going to have a serious talk with the doc about those tomorrow. Around 11 with him suffering, gave him another blessing and put some earbuds in to muffle out the soaring guy and he drifted off to sleep.  
  • Please pray that he sleeps the night tonight with little pain. A good day for him is preceded by a good night.
Overall take on the day: Tough start, but pretty good day with marked improvement, but sadly a really really rough end.

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  1. Seth,
    I am one of the Park Place #6 crew :-), so although I haven't met you, between stories from Caroline and Sara I feel like I have. I have been praying for and thinking of you and your beautiful family constantly. Caroline is one of the most amazing people I know, and that means you are pretty amazing too since she married you :-). I have been so impressed as I read about your attitude as you struggle through the physical and emotional pain of healing. I absolutely love your quote, "It is what it is and it's a miracle." Because although it truly is a miracle that you all survived, and nearly in one piece, it is a miracle to me that in the midst of it all you can still see that. I am so thankful that sweet Cali and Thomas were spared from serious injuries as their little bodies may not have been able to hold up so well. It makes me smile to read that you are still able to joke around because that is one thing that I have heard a lot about over the years...you being crazy and silly. You all will remain in our thoughts and prayers. We only wish we could do more to help! Hang in there and keep up the awesome work!
    Much love,


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