Sunday, August 5, 2012

August 5, 2012

Just had a quick phone call with Caroline, Tommy, and my dad.  They all passed the phone around -- it was great to hear everyone's voices.  I was bummed because I just missed a phone call from Seth but hopefully I will be to catch up with him in the next day or so.

A little update:
  • Seth has been discharged from the hospital and is living in a family's house in the city.  My parents are taking turns staying with him and being his caregiver.  Seth was hoping to stay at the big house with the rest of his family but the situation just wasn't working out.
  • The home that Seth is staying at is much closer to the location of his physical therapy.  Seth is enjoying not be woken up and having the quietness of a family house compared to the hospital.
  • There are challenges with this set up though -- it has been hard to leave his adjustable bed; my dad said Seth is happy to be there but it is still really tough.
  • After a month of being in the hospital Seth was "sick of being there."
  • Tomorrow Caroline is getting her heal looked at by a surgeon and then they will have a better idea of their family's next step and when they might return to Zambia.
  • My dad said that Tommy seems to be doing "really well" and Cali is "just so cute."
  • My dad has a respiratory cold and is hoping to not share that with everyone else.  We talked how you could never complain about not feeling well after what Seth and Caroline are going through on a daily basis.
  • They are hoping to get the internet up and running in the next couple of days and do some updates from South Africa (sure would beat my notes from phone calls).
  • Tommy was having a great time looking at pictures from our family reunion a year ago -- miss that kid!

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