Thursday, August 2, 2012

August 2, 2012

This morning I called to talk to Seth and guess who answered the phone -- my mom!  They flew in last night and said their flight was great -- great food and service.  When they arrived in JoBerg there was a car waiting for them at the airport which had just dropped off Seth Wiggins to fly back to the states.  My mom expressed how wonderful it was to see Seth; they were able to spend a few hours with him last night upon flying in to JoBerg.

I'm still a little unclear about the connection but somehow a super sweet family has an empty house and extra car in JoBerg that has offered its' use to Seth's family.  Yesterday Caroline spent the day transferring their stuff from the previous house to this new house where my parents and Caroline and kids will be living.  Seth is actually planning on being discharged in the next few days and will join them at the house for outpatient care.

There needs to be a few things in order before he can do so -- a bed, internet/phone, and heat.  I guess it is unusually cold right now (low 60's daytime and evenings in the 40's).  The house is beautiful with high ceilings and an open concept -- which right now is making it very chilly.  It is difficult for Seth to wear much clothing right now so they need to figure out a way to warm up the house so Seth can be comfortable living there.  My mom said that right now my dad and Caroline were out trying to resolve some of those issues.

In talking to Seth he said, "It was cool to see mom and dad.  It's hard to believe that it has been a year since I last saw them.  I feel lucky to have them here."  I asked Seth how the departure was for him when Seth Wiggins flew out last night.  He said it was "really hard."  He expressed how not only has Seth W. been with him the whole time but that he has "protected and taken care" of him.  Seth said, "I'm in a real vulnerable position and Seth W. knew what to do.  Change is really hard right now for me."  Seth is confident, though, that my parents will be quick to learn his needs.  He said the Physical Therapist said today that it is "remarkable" what Seth is doing and "can't believe it."

Seth said he was up for about an hour today and took mom to the cafe for a sandwich with lots of melted cheese.   He points this out because my mom was in heaven with all the good food.  Seth said he "hopes to fatten mom and dad up with good food" while in JoBerg and wants them to "eat and drink until they can't anymore."  Caroline was able to find some marzipan chocolate last night for my mom (a tangible piece of heaven for my mom).  Sitting is hard for Seth but he said if he is able to rest his head on the wall he can do it for short periods of time.

My mom and Seth went outside for a little walk today.  Seth said this is the third time he has been outside since the accident and it felt great even though it was chilly (60 degrees).  My parents don't own very much warm clothing but Seth and Caroline's friends were able to bring a few warm things for them to wear from Zambia yesterday.  My parents were on the hunt to find a couple of pairs of socks when they left Fiji to keep their tooties warm.  Now their bodies need to adjust to the cold after they have been used to sweating for the past year.

Seth shared that he heard Tommy went quickly to my parents and that it seemed "natural" for him.  He is sure that Cali will warm up quickly to them.  He said that Cali LOVED Seth Wiggins and frequently wanted only him to hold her.

Seth closed by saying that his PT again reminds him that his "recovery is more than a miracle."  Seth learned yesterday that the mortality rate of being thrown from a car is only 50%.  Just the fact that Tommy is alive and running around is a miracle.   Seth is hoping that they will be able to return to Zambia in a month.  Again, Seth wanted me to share how much he feels your prayers!  He is SO grateful for all the emails and love that has been shown to his family!

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  1. This is all wonderful news!

  2. Praying for you guys. Jon (Amy Dover's brother)

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  4. Thank you for the updates! They help my faith grow by seeing the Lord's hand in their recovery and the kindness of others. My prayers are with you all.

  5. We've been thinking a lot about your family Seth and praying for your recovery. We're so grateful that everything has gone so well for each of you!


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