Friday, August 10, 2012

August 10, 2012 - finally a glimmer of hope

Friday - Aug 10 quick update:

Dear Friends and Family,

Right now, we have entered a better circumstance and have a bit of light after a really difficult couple of days.  I mentioned before that Cali had been sick with the flu and the next day she seemed to be completely out of sorts so Mom and I took her to the hospital yesterday and she was diagnosed with bronchial pneumonia.  It was a holiday here so we could not get her prescription last night when we finished at the hospital (about 6pm).

After dropping Mom off at the Bonnets to be with Seth, I went back to the Colemans and was hoping for a good night's sleep but Caroline woke me up at 2am saying that Tommy had thrown up.  It was all over the bed and his clothes so we got that cleaned up and Tom had gone back to sleep on the floor so we left him there.  Half hour later, he was throwing up again and we moved him into my room where he continued to whistle carrots every half hour until 5am.  We slept until 7am when everyone got up and gratefully after 9am he didn't barf again.

Caroline and I just knew we could not stay any longer at other people's homes and infect them with something new each day so we began to explore going back to the Southwick's where we could be alone.  At the same time, we called Brother Bonnet and asked if there was any chance we could get permission to stay at the Patron Housing apartments on the compound of the Johannesburg Temple.  He asked for some time and then called back a couple hours later.  He discussed the possibility with the Area President, Elder Renlund, and the staff here and before long all the permissions were arranged.  The temple is closed just now for repairs so no one is in the Patron Housing apartments and it just happens that the couple who manages the patron housing had just retired and left their fabulous apartment (patron housing are apartments for people who travel long distances to attend the temple and need to stay for multiple days).  In a couple more hours we were driving into the temple compound and greeted by Elder Renlund, the Bonnets, and the manager of physical facilities - all of whom were so solicitous for our comfort and aid.  Others helped us carry bags up and get settled in this generous apartment with a large bedroom and bathroom, living room, kitchen, TV, Internet, and comfortable surroundings.  They also gave us the smaller apartment right next door for Annie and I to sleep in

It's just like a new day for us and that came on the "heels" of our very positive appointment this morning with the plastic surgeon who operated on Caroline's heel.  He looked at the heel and said that if we wait until next Wednesday (it's Friday here), and if the wound is healing properly, he'll release her to go back to Zambia.  So our tentative plan is to schedule an airline flight for myself, Caroline, and the kids to fly back to Lusaka on Wednesday afternoon or Thursday morning.  I'll help her get settled there for a few days and then return to Joburg to be with Mom and Seth for the last few days before we leave to return to Fiji.  Sara Sherry made a generous offer to fly to Lusaka at the end of August and stay with Caroline and the kids but Caroline's mother confirmed today that she will be coming out at the same time (around Aug 22-23rd) so there won't be a need for Sara to come.  Seth had a good PT appointment today and is getting strong enough to walk to the Rosebank Hospital facility on his own so by the time we leave he should be in good shape.  He will continue to stay with the Bonnet's as it is ideally situated and near a mall where Seth can walk for outings.

Thanks again for all your love and support, this family has needed it and each expression is appreciated.  We love you all.

Tom and Annie

On a side note...I hear that Cali is fully walking now since the accident.  (Photo taken early July 2012)

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