Saturday, July 28, 2012

Jan. 28th—evening

(Leah) Just talked to Seth. He had some great news regarding the MRI that he wanted me to share with everyone. Tentatively, the doctors agree that surgery will not be needed. Of course things can change, but this was huge news. They will reassess in a few weeks.

• The ligaments around his odontoid process on the C1 are in tact and look good.

• The Jefferson fracture on the C1 which was a big concern is stable also. The swelling has gone down significantly.

• Still has some issues with his C3-6 vertebra but the doctors actually think that some of this is due to a previous car accident that Seth and Caroline were in while they lived in Corvallis OR several years ago.

 • Projected timeline: 1 more week at the Sandton Medi-Clinic, then he will move to Rosebank private hospital where they are more equipped for the physical therapy that he will need. Likely 1 month till he can leave South Africa and go back to Zambia.

• Needs to wear the neck brace another 3 months

• Full recovery projected over the next 3-6 months, up to 2 years

• Seth is very positive about his range of motion in his shoulders returning. On a physical therapy scale from 1-5, he started out at a 2 and in a week is now at a 3-4. He also mentioned that at the new hospital that he would also be working with an occupational therapist. He said, "I have no idea what that means, but hopefully it doesn't mean they will be training me to sew shirts for Nike or something." We had a good laugh over that and I said it was probably boondoggles actually.

• Please continue to call on Seth Wiggins' phone until he gets his SIM card from Zambia as currently Seth Sherry's is on roaming.

 • Katie was on her way to the airport and returning to California, hooray!!!

He also wanted me to convey again how much he absolutely loves getting emailed notes and updates from people. They really have been so appreciated and he wants everyone to know that he gets them and loves them and he hopes to be able to have his computer soon and some increased finger mobility so that he can respond to people.

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