Sunday, July 22, 2012

July 22, 2012

  • Woke up at 6:30am and came over to the hospital.
  • Seth had had a rough night with lots of nausea and pain
  • Helped him with ice cubes for an hour or so.  Had him sit up and scratched his back, washed his face.  His face, I think looks a little better today. Some of the swelling is down and his bruises are making improvement.
  • We talked for a long time about the miracles that have happened.
  • Then read the many letters that had been sent for him and then read scriptures to him for a bit.
  • Seth W. came and took us (of course, Seth S. was not able to go) to church.
  • Sat on the back row with David and Sarah Coleman. Felt just like normal church as Cali and I were put walking in the hallway for a portion of sacrament.
  • Church was great...about half black and half white. I could understand most of church, however the accents (so many of them) caused me to not understand some of it.
  • Lots of people came up to meet us. Lots of offers to help watch the kids for a few hours/day. Very kind and willing folks. We have the next 48 hours figured out for Caroline. Tommy is embarrassed of his head injuries, so he didn't want to be away from us. We all went outside for a bit and Caroline and I talked for a while on how to proceed. Had a special experience giving Caroline a blessing.

  • After church (ward conference) they had a lunch of soups, breads and a south African desert that was quite good.
  • Came back to be with Seth. He was feeling pretty miserable and in lots of pain. Was able to give him a tender blessing. In a miracle that seems common, he was feeling better than he has felt since the accident about 10 min. Latter
  •  Because of the terrible pain hr has on his upper body and shoulder's along with his broken scapula(s), his shoulder experience a lot of muscle pain and spams from staying still so much. The PT taught us so exercises we can do to work his shoulders. Although only moving them a few inches extremely slowly, it helps. We do this 5-6 times a day.

  •  Got him up once to walk to the bathroom. He shuffled along, but it really took it out of him.

  • Late afternoon was spent feeding him a Greek salad and talking with Caroline making a plan for possible return to Lusaka for a bit.
  • The Coleman's stopped by and brought a South African feast. It totally hit the spot and we all ate then invited the nurses in for dinner too.
  • Spent the rest of the evening talking, reading scriptures, listening to music, etc.
  • Got Seth ready for bed and left around 11pm.  The great night nurse team are wonderful. I can only understand about 50% of what they say and no matter how many times they tell me their names, I can't get it, but they are sweet and let us stay 2-3 hours past curfew for visitors.
  •  A final note...Seth and I had a number of tender moments today. One of them was when he tearfully told me how much he felt all of your prayers, fasting and love on his behalf and also that of so many people around the world. At night when no one is there, he feels you by his bedside and knows that although you all would want to be here, he feels that through my presence and wanted me to thank you and tell you how much he loves you.
  • We know that there are angels in the room and have been protecting Seth, Caroline and the family. We are both and have been very emotional as we talk of such spiritual things. I have noticed that although flying half way around the world, spending 15 hours on the hospital/day caring for Se, my energy level is high and I'm not tired. I know this is a small miracle in itself. Love to all....

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