Saturday, July 21, 2012

July 21, 2012

Hello from Jo'Berg! (I'm a local already)'

It's been a good day although tough to take it all in... Although he is making progress from what Wiggins tells me, Seth is pretty beat up and still in significant amounts of pain and discomfort. However, for most of the day, he maintains his good humor. Here are a few notes from the little journal I'm keeping.  At this time Seth and Caroline are not wanting pictures to be posted.

  • Arrived at 7am and he was not doing well
  • Lots of pain and soreness; The brace he is wearing does a pretty good job at keeping his neck very still. His head feels like a bumpy road of cuts. It's possible that he cracked his Skull, thus the left eye whites being filled with blood.
  • Nausea with terrible pain from his pecks to the base of his neck
  • Fed him ice that helped with the nausea most of the day.
  • Was able to feed him breakfast over about 2 hours (very small bites). He can only open his mouth about 1/2-3/4".
  • The Bonnets (temple coordinator for region) came to visit twice. Helped build temples Tahiti, Ghana, south Africa, England.
  • Seth took a shower with help...first one since the accident. We all agreed ( including him that he needed it)
  • Talked with Caroline for a Couple of hours figuring out a plan. We've come up with a 24-48 hour plan.
  • Wiggins Rented a car
  • Played with the kids
  • Fed Seth some dinner and an Oreo I brought from the states.
  • Went to Dave and Sarah Coleman's house (members from church that we recently met) for the night.  They have been so helpful. They have a beautiful large home with lots of room. Dave is from Capetown and Sara from Louisiana. Caroline and the kids at the DaSilva's (friends that Seth taught while on his mission in the Netherlands and have now moved to Johannesburg).
  • Seth's ability to move his arms is very very limited due to the pain it causes! He can move his forearms slightly but that is about it. Therefore everything from eating, drinking, and scratching his face/head, etc. needs to be done for him. He is good for awhile and then goes into a rough patch and then emerges again.
  • I was at the hospital for about 15 hours today,but the time passes quickly. Caroline is limping around, but after you see her cut below, you'll wonder how she can even manage that! She's really great and I've enjoyed me time with her talking. Katie is just around the corner at the hospital. She's doing so much better, but is still in lots of pain.
  • Tommy's head is incredibly cut up. He has something like 25 stitches. They are looking good for the state of healing, but I think he is a little embarrassed by them and has found a beanie that He really likes. I met them out in the parking lot mid morning and Tommy, although not knowing me very well, ran from the car and jumped into my arms and simply held me tight for about 3-4 minutes before letting go. Cali looks great and is adorable and so fun to play with. Neither one of them knows really what is going on.
I'm amazed by the outpouring of love from the local ward. Great people. Seth wanted me to pass on that he has most definitely felt and feels your prayers, fasting and love the past few days and sometimes it was all that would pull him through that moment. He is so grateful.

Love you all and I'll report back tomorrow night.

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