Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Buzz Cut and Getting Out of Bed

I know these are small updates, but it makes us all feel as if S&C were a little closer.

As most of you know, Seth is staying at a different house then Caroline, the kids and my parents so he can be closer to PT facilities.  He is staying with a wonderful couple, the Bonnets, whom came to visit in the hospital as soon as they heard of the accident.  My parent's are taking turns staying and helping him every other day.  Although Seth has made some major progress, enough to be out of the hospital and into outpatient PT, he's in a tough spot where doing normal day to day activities are extremely difficult, challenging and he is dealing with constant levels of pain.  Most of us never consider the muscles, ligaments and actions it takes to get out of a flat bed.  I believe Seth is reminded of it every move.  However, through it all, Seth is not Seth without some humor.  We were able to chat for awhile and had some good laughs.  What a great guy he truly is!  (Note his new haircut!)
On another note, it snowed in Jo'Berg yesterday....apparently a very rare occurrence.

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  1. All I can say is "Get better and smarter!" You can definitely do the former. God bless you!


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