Thursday, August 16, 2012

August 16, 2012

Update from Caroline concerning her heel from a personal email:

"The doctor's appointment was...okay.  He said he can see the beginning of epitheleal cells over the wound but he also "strongly recommends" that I stay in town one more week.  I really wanted to get out of here, but it seems like the best choice is to stick around.  The good thing is I will be able to fly to Lusaka with my mom next week so I will have help on the plane ride and in the airport in Lusaka which is a real comfort.  So our tickets are for Thursday and unless I need another surgery, I am not staying any longer.  I might have to come back later to see a doctor but I will try and schedule that around Seth's return trip."

Can't think of two better fighters than these two!!!
Taken May 2010

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  1. So true about the fighters. Keep fighting, because I won't stop praying.


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