Friday, July 27, 2012

July 27, 2012 - new adventures

Our dear friends and family,

Never have we felt such an outpouring of love, concern and support for our family.  We just cannot tell you how much it means to feel and see it's effects for us all.  Thank you, thank you and while we may never know the far reaching circle of each of you individually, we do know we have been and remain the recipients of known and unknown benefactors.  As you can tell from Matt's emails,  he speaks about the comfort, assurance and enjoyment Seth receives, as do we all, from the email connections that have been received.  We continue to compile those and send them on so each can benefit from your written feelings and expressions of faith and support.  We know they will continue to provide healing and as well as distraction from what they each face.  As you have time, he has said how much he would love to get detailed descriptions of what is happening in your life.  As you can imagine his days are long, his body very limited yet his mind is needing to have it filled with more than his immediate medical world.  Please now feel free to email him and share your life's journey as well.

Through all of this our desire has been to do the right thing at the right time. We are sure you can see how evident it has been that Seth Wiggins and Matt have done a beautiful work being at Seth's side and comforting Caroline and counseling through the medical circumstances.  Though we have talked with him nearly every day, as Seth's parents we have wanted to be with them immediately; it was a bit difficult to figure out how would best to do this but we now have a plan and have the full support of our mission president here in Fiji.  This Tuesday we will fly out of Nadi, Fiji on route to South Africa where we will stay for 3 weeks. The first leg of the trip takes us to Sydney, Australia.  We'll spend a night there and in the morning continue on in a direct flight to Johannesburg and this fortunately allows us to have time with Caroline and family before she returns to Zambia.  We will do our best to continue in sharing of Seth's progress as Internet access allows. 

Upon our return on to Fiji, we will be transferred to a new assignment on the island of Taveuni.  This was all in process just a couple days before the accident and again a divinely orchestrated situation.  We are just becoming informed about this assignment and will share more once we have made the move.  Since the transfer has become certain we find our hearts swinging in so many different directions.  Our mission time is entirely in the Lord's hands.  We are here to do and be what He needs and wants us to be.  Quirky Ba has become our home and certainly the people in our always growing circle have become dear friends.  We have begun the painful process of visiting homes and shops to explain the circumstance and say goodbye.  We may not see most of them again in this lifetime, but we do know we will look forward to a time after this life, when languages and cultural differences will not be a barrier and we can continue on in our friendship.  

Again, we thank you for all that you mean to us individually even though much of our communication is being done as a whole.

Annie and Tom   
Taken July 2011

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  1. My mother heart rejoices at the news that you get to soon join them in Africa. As a daughter there is no greater comfort on earth than your parents care and presence. Tears come to my eyes.

    We've enjoyed getting to know the good people of Ba through you and know the Lord will always be mindful of these wonderful people.

    You've all been in our prayers daily and will continue to be.

    Safe travels and please send them all our love.

    Dale, Julie and family


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